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The State of Flow

Working in a state of flow is more than just eliminating distractions. It is about getting into the right state of mind where you are on a mission to get work done. In this state, you are completely immersed in the task at hand.

Formula for Quality of Work

Cal Newport describes the outcome of your effort using a simple mathematical formula.

So, what is Deep work?

Challenges to Deep Work in Modern Day

The modern world makes this even more challenging. The open area work environment, those endless meetings, the routine reports which no one cares about and the continuous stream of email/chat exchange prohibits deep work of any sort.

Models of Deep Work

There are multiple styles using which you can apply deep work. Each one involves working in isolation.

How to apply Deep Work

Distraction Free Zone:

The essence of Deepwork is to be focused without any distraction. A detailed article is present at How to reduce distractions.

Make a Habit of Deepwork:

Incorporate Deepwork into your routine. This is easier said than done. To incorporate Deepwork into your routine, you need very strong willpower. To begin, you need to decide your Deepworking hours. Once you do, you need a ruthless commitment to follow Deepwork during the allotted hours.

Do only what matters:

Do not attempt to do all your tasks in the day with Deepwork. Neither will that work nor is that the idea. The purpose of Deepwork is to utilize it only for those tasks necessary, which are your long term goals. Do not use Deepwork to complete the urgent task you have to finish tonight. For example, if you are a writer, use Deepwork to write content for your next book, not to reply to emails.

Track your progress:

Find a way to measure your progress. It is not always easy. A writer can track progress by counting the number of words written during the Deepwork hours. During the day you will have other things to do such as reach out to bloggers, email your subscribers, or reply to emails. Such activities should be done outside the Deep work hours.

Do not overdo Deepwork:

Deepwork requires intense focus which will drain you. Getting 4 hours of Deep work a day is a plenty. Trying to overdo will only tire you. The more hours you try to add to Deep Work, the lesser focused you will be overall. As mentioned earlier, the purpose of Deepwork is not to work longer but to be more effective.

Disconnect completely end of the day:

Last but not the least, at the end of the day, disconnect completely. Set a time at which you will stop working. When the clock hits the mark, you must stop doing your focused Deep work. It is an alarm reminding you that you are done for the day.


In this article, you learned how to work with focus instead of working for long hours. You are now aware of different models of deep work and how to apply them.



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